Coventry City Council
Neighbourhood Housing Office
34 Stoke Heath Crescent, Coventry.

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Staff at the housing office had a problem with maintaining interviewees' privacy because access to the offices was gained via the interview room.


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Features such as specialist security locks, room ventilation and security vision panels were key factors for the Housing officers' safety.

Work was undertaken  out of hours in order to minimise any disruption, this being one of the council's busiest offices in the Coventry area.





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surefit redesigned the layout of the ground floor incorporating a new interview room, access corridor  and waiting area within the space available.

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'A job well done', quoted the delighted area co-ordinator, Mr G. Virdi.

Due to the high quality and professionalism shown by Surefit at all stages of the job, Mr Virdi has since added Surefit to Coventry City Council's approved contractors list.